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Dusting Off the Secret Hideout

Beginnings are the Hardest

Beginnings are the hardest for me, because they set the tone for what is going to come. That is why I don’t introduce myself as a technical person when I first meet someone. I want them to know me as a person that can be technical rather than a technical person. That way I don’t get, “Can you fix my computer?”

The middle is easier because the tone is set and the subject is set.  Just follow the beginning and rest almost writes itself.

The ending can be the easiest of all. What can be said is said, complementing the beginning. Endings are hardest when the middle is not finished.

What is This?

I have been known to write an article not about Java development, but about soft skills needed to exist in the software development realm. This is a professional blog.

There have been personal events in my life that cause the line of personal and professional sides to blur. I am in one of those times. I recently had a loss in my family and it is causing me to reassess everything, and I mean everything, even this blog. I am exploring everything that I have done and things that are new.

I remember enjoying writing and want to see if I still want to do it.  I don’t even know if this post will see the light of day.  After four strong yeses to post this, it has been posted.

I felt like I was giving back to the open source community that has provided so much help in solving problems, from infrastructure like OSes and tools like Maven to code snippets.

I am dusting off the equipment of the secret hideout and seeing if the tires are still good, the lights turn on and if the door even opens.

What has Changed

I look different now, I need to update my picture.  I am surrounding myself with creative and technical people who have no filter.  I know exactly where I am with them.  I feel like I have lost everything so I have nothing to lose.  I am realizing that I creative too and have been my whole life.

What has not Changed

I am still a person who happens to be technical.  I still create whether I recognize that or not.  I still love my friends and family.

What will Change

If this blog continues, it will be about solving problems through technical means.  That solution may not be with Java, so the title will change to reflect that.  It will go further in depth of why I chose the design path I chose.  Sometimes explaining why I chose that path can be more helpful than the code itself.

Endings are the Easiest

This is an exploration of if I want to keep writing.  Several people will read this to see if it is even appropriate to publish.  In the end, I will continue relearning about myself no matter if I continue a blog or not.